Ready or Not, Here Comes God?

butterfly 1Looking back at my life, I have not always gotten what I wanted. Just out of high school, my dreams and aspirations were bent on getting a record contract. I graduated with an Associates degree in music and then went on to recording engineering school, so that I could harness the unique sound of my own music.

After that, I went back to school for my BA in Communications majoring in television production. My career never went in the direction of gaining a record contract, but I did work with some of the most famous musicians and A-listers in the industry when I landed a job as a producer for direct response commercials. I then went on to run my own marketing firm, where I met my husband. Years later, I look back and ponder the question: was this all planned without my planning?

Did God know my future before I did?

Are our lives challenged by what our desires and wants are only to be be pushed, pulled and ultimately diverted to what we are supposed to become and do? I question whether our true gifts lead us to where God is and where our hearts will be the most fulfilled. Are we ultimately puppets on a string dancing around the thought that we actually have free will?

The music industry is filled with temptation. We have all seen the demise of famous people’s lives with drug and alcohol abuse. I honestly do not know if I could have avoided the temptation of falling into the same trap. After much reflection, I am beginning to see that even though I had “plans” for my future, I think God may have been there to lead me to my true direction.

I think it is important for you to look at your life objectively. At times, I think it is important to see our lives lived as a story. This helps us to remove ourselves from our ego and from our wants and desires. Only then can we become released from the outcomes that we think we should become or should be.

I know God has a future for you that is bright and honorable. I believe that He loves you more than you will ever comprehend. Live everyday like that plan is unfolding. I pray that your faith includes the fact that God is leading you to your true destiny. Envision that His path is your path. Practice loving life as though it is the last day in your plan and live your life with joy.

I hope this for you.

With much love and peace,

Marcy Moore – M.P.S.





  1. A nice reminder. 🙂

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