Prepare Your Heart

snowAdvent is a wonderful time of year. For me, it is the time when I prepare my heart for visitations with Christ. I want to be open and have time to receive the Christ child into my mind and spirit. Every year brings about different experiences, new feelings, and emotions. Hopefully, this season also brings about some personal growth.

Unfortunately, life does not always give us everything we want. Our life does not always unfold in a good direction and circumstances can lead as astray. Most years, God’s grace gives us a wonderful year filled with love and blessings. But some years, life is painful and we feel as though God has left us or that we don’t feel God’s presence.

These years are the hardest to find the infant Christ within our hearts. How do we prepare ourselves when our heart’s are closed? How do we prepare ourselves for God’s reception when we do not want to receive anyone’s love? Not even our own self love? How do we make room for a new creation? How do we give birth to a new self?

I think God is waiting for us to open our hearts. God is ever present just waiting for us to show a sign that He exists….

If we ponder the thought about a new child coming into the world, into our families, into our loved ones lives, we know it is an extraordinary event. A birth is an event that will change our very existence. So, what if the child being born was us? What if that child was being reborn in us?

What opportunities for newness would we have if we knew the possibility was available to be reborn? Is there something in us that is trying to be birthed? If we had a second chance for living our life, how would we live it? Looking back, I think I would be less afraid and I would want to embrace all of the events of my life, regardless of whether they were deemed good or bad.

Many times we look at life’s misfortunes as event’s that should not have happened, but what if they took place so that we could have an opportunity to grow and get closer to our creator? What if God is just waiting to hear from us? What if life’s misfortunes are events that bring us closer to God and to our true selves?

I believe God is just waiting for us to love ourselves and one another. I think in order to heal ourselves, we need to reach out and embrace the tender and childlike nature that is within all of us.  I believe Advent increases the propensity for the probability of this to happen.

This season, I invite you to embrace and love the child within. Joyously proclaim the goodness of God to one another and all that is radiant and true. I encourage  you to welcome the Christ child that is waiting to be born inside of you and celebrate all of the parts of the your life and yourself, whether it is labeled good or bad.

The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you..
Luke 1:10

I think Advent is a sign for you to love, be peaceful, and be encouraging to others. Listen with your heart to what others are saying. Be present to yourself and the ones that mean something to you this season. As always, I wish you infinite possibilities to grow, be the best you can possibly be in this life, and share your gifts with others.

Merry Christmas….

With Much Love,

Marcy Moore



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