Love Your Wings

butterfly 1I was at Yoga the other day and the instructor shared a story about a person who helped a butterfly get out of their cocoon. The instructor explained that the person cut a tiny hole into the cocoon so that the potential butterfly could get out. The butterfly did escape with the help of the man made hole but fell to the ground because its wings were not ready to be airborne. The butterfly fell and died….

It turns out the butterfly needed to fight its way out of the cocoon to survive. Fighting would have enabled the insect to come into its full being.

The butterfly did not need the person’s help to exist, it needed its own perfect timing to live.

I think that during different times in our lives we become the “struggling” butterfly and at different times we are the “hole maker”.  In my mind, neither character is bad nor wrong, we are both just on our own path of enlightenment  Both characters are on a journey of growth and self awareness – even the butterfly who falls to the ground and dies.

We become the enabler when we make a “hole” for someone to survive. The only problem is sometimes we cut the life force from someone when we think our actions are from love. I think that in most cases, our actions are from fear and not love. I believe that loving actions are actions that allow people to grow. Loving actions are actions that allow people to prosper and to Fly…….

I invite you to Fly into the arms of others, to strengthen the people who truly need support.
I invite you to support the growth of others without inhibiting your own….
I invite you to love fiercely every day and to understand and discern the difference between enabling and genuine care and compassion.

Christ’s actions were filled with strength and true compassion. In Matthew 14:22-33, He asked Peter to walk to Him. With faith, Peter stood on the water, for a brief time. Peter then started to sink under the strain of the lack of faith. Peter, in his humanity, went into the depths of his fears. The wind was too strong, the waves were too big. His faith was too fleeting.

When you are faced today or tomorrow with the challenge to choose love over darkness, faith over fear, please remember that your God is bigger than any storm, any challenge. He is here in others, present in this very moment. Choose love, choose peace and most all, choose your God.


Marcy Moore – M.P.S





  1. Sheila Greer says:

    Well put.

  2. Dear Marcy,
    Thank you for this beautiful story, which made me think about something this morning…. Our challenge is to nourish the butterfly with love, faith, and encouragement, so its “struggle” becomes development, confidence, and strength. When we feel our own power AS we grow (like in yoga, or any creative endeavor), we become one with c r e a t i o n; our spirit soars to new heights and the struggle disintegrates. Namaste.

  3. Beautifully put.

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