Is Free Will Not So Free?

space2Free will is confusing. When does God enter into our lives? When does He let us flop and fail by ourselves?  When does the grace of God enter our lives and sweep us up past our problems. Our God seems to allow us to fail, hate, love, cheat, steal, and win during different times of our lives. It is an  introspective time when we feel like our God is right beside us and also when He seems galaxies away.

I was brought up to to believe that God came into our situations and assisted us, when we asked Him to. If we prayed hard enough and said enough Hail Mary’s, our Savior would come and rescue us. If we did not receive what we wanted, it was not what God wanted for us, or wanted to us to become. Somehow, that kind of thinking enables us to believe that the power is not within us but that it is somewhere else, or in another entity.

Mother Theresa wrote about the times in her life when she felt God was ever present in her life. He was so close, she could feel His very breath. Then, at other times, she could not feel Him near her at all. When she did not feel the presence of her God any longer, it must have felt as though the sun had turned dark. How do you go on when the light of your your life has extinguished? I think that those days for Mother Theresa must have been some of the most excruciating times of her life. How lonely she must have felt once once she stopped being in the “zone” of Christ’s love.

I believe that we have all had times in our life when we feel loveless, alone, and Godless. I think we must all pose the question of whether this emptiness is created by us or the lack of our relationship with God?

Do we stop feeling God’s love because we chose to?  Do we suffer because we are hopelessly disconnected and hopelessly independent?

I believe that the story of the Garden of Eden is about the scenario of us as a people not needing God. We think that we are so powerful that we do not need the person force that created us. This leads me to make the connection that we not only need out creator, but we need the very entity that the creator is in; each other. I believe that we are nothing without each other and without God leading our journey through life.

I believe that free will is not free. Our free will costs us to make choices that effect others. Our words and actions are strong examples of how our misuse of free will can ruin us or bring us back to live. I believe if we live through our ego instead of through our love, then  we will live the life of our ego. We will be subject to our physical and emotional selves, instead of feeling he true majesty of what we are made of; the substance of God.

This world is noisy. I think we all have, at times, had a hard time discerning what to do with our lives and who to do it with. If we do not make time to hear our own voice, how are we to hear the voice  of God?  I encourage you to not give up on yourself. Your voice is real and precious.

I challenge and encourage you to set aside 20 minutes out of your day to quite your mind. If you do this, I can guarantee you will hear the voice of guidance. I can assure you, God’s voice is in your being just waiting to be heard by your mind, body and spirit. I wish you love, peace, and the encouragement to become the very best you can today.

Peace and truth,

Marcy Moore, M.P.S.


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