I Heart You?

flower1The heart is one of the most amazing things that exists in the human body. There is no other organ or anything that has been created, I believe, that can compare to the heart’s physical characteristics and its functionality. Nothing else pumps blood to feed our brain and our organs. Every 24 hours our heart pumps 100,000 times and sends 2000 gallons of blood throughout our bodies. The heart is truly an absolutely amazing organ. Scientists have yet to completely re-create the heart. But if the heart was somehow remade and created through our hands, would we feel the emotions and connectivity that we do in our God given hearts?

How many times have you felt pain in your heart when you have been rejected? We use terms like heart wrenched, heart felt, as well as heart broken and heart breaker. When we are happy and filled with joy, we associate love in our hearts and speak about our heart being filled with joy and emotion. We also seem to feel hate in our hearts, and our hearts can be ripped out with grief.

No one ever says, my liver is aching with fear, or my kidneys are shaking with distrust. The heart is the most complex, multifaceted living organism that we share with each other. The same feelings we feel in our heart, are felt by everyone else. So, how can a physical organ be associated with so many emotions?

Yet, surprising no one ever speaks about this emotional – physical connection within our bodies, let alone our organs. The heart is the only organ that is spoken about as though it had emotions connected to it and yet doctors and the medical profession do not acknowledge that there are levels of possible emotional connectivity within our bodies and our organ and tissue.

There is so much that we do not understand about the complexity of our bodies and ourselves. God made us so endless in life and in death. I invite you to think about all of the wonders of your body to be grateful for. Take this night and maybe this week to think about just one thing that you are absolutely in love with about your physical being and be grateful for it. Maybe this quality is the color of your eyes, your clear skin, your ability to create and or the ability to have faith. I invite you to nourish yourself in the quality of the gift that is uniquely yours.

Life is an everlasting gift that is profoundly beautiful. Whether your faith encompasses eternal life or not, the recognition that “pieces” of what we leave behind are eternal are in itself prolific. I pray that you recognize and live with the majesty that you are created with.

Blessings today and everyday-

Marcy Moore – MPS






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