God Really Does Know What We Need…

spaceLast Saturday was my first day back at yoga since I received the information that my  ACl was torn. I had been in a lot of pain and sore before the doctor administered a shot of steroid in my knee. After almost a week had passed, the pain had gone but my fear had not. I was scared the pain would come back after my yoga class or worse during it. I was scared I would not be able to walk. I was scared of things I did not know how to express.

It is interesting that yoga is good for releasing the emotions you don’t even know you need to express. Many times during or after class I don’t realize that I am holding back or stuffing my feelings from the past. Hot yoga helps you to let go of the everyday and be present. It allows you to be truly present so you can get through the heat, the positions, and the 90 minute class. It is a tough class even when you are feeling good and 100% physically well.

I laid down on my mat that morning and wished desperately that I could get into a comfortable child’s pose. I could not get my knee to stretch properly.  As I began going through the movements, I tried my best to focus, but every few minutes I began to remember the pain and the stiffness. My mind held the muscle memory of what it felt like to be unsure, unbalanced, and to a certain extent not fully whole.

Physicians and clinicians say we have muscle memory- does that include the muscle memory of the brain?
Does our brain remember pain long after it is gone?

As the class came to a close and we were in our last few minutes of stretching right before the final savasana or corpse pose, I started to cry. I could not hold in the emotions any longer. A belt of all the fear broke loose and a gutter of emotions flooded out. As a quietly sobbed and released my energies, I asked God to embrace me and hold me in His arms. At that very moment, my friend who had been on the mat next to me, held my hand.

No words were spoken. As we laid there, not looking at each other and only touching hands, I thought, how can this be happening? How did God hear me and send His love transformed into the person beside me?

How did God answer me so quickly through the manifestation of the touch of another human being? I have to pose the question of: “When we resolve and issue that open up the possibility for healing through others?”

When energy is released does that open up the possibilities of receiving new energy?

I open up the possibly for you to experience this type of healing. I hope that you will be open to receive new healing whether that be physical, mental or spiritual. I also pray that you are there to give this type of healing to others as well as receive it.


Marcy Moore – M.P.S



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