DNA Delivers Every Time

space2I spent my teenage years and early 20’s singing and writing music. Yes, I was a singer in a rock n roll band! As time went on, I shifted careers and placed my music career on hold, but I never stopped loving music. Today, my passion for listening and discovering new music has not changed. I am still committed to singing my heart out in the car or when listening to the radio.

It is not unusual for my daughter and I to be together singing our hearts out as well. We both share a passion for good music. She has just turned 21 and I am excited for her future. Last Friday night, we went out and she was playing me some of her favorite songs. She picked out a new Micheal Buble’ song and belted out the entire song.

I sat in utter amazement as I watched her perform the song. She has this uncanny way of tilting her head and smiling as she sings. She is quite beautiful and sings (in my mind) perfectly. It was total enchantment. As I watched her, it was like looking into a time machine where I could see myself back at 21 years of age. What a gift. As I looked at my beautiful daughter I could not help but think: Why did not appreciate myself when I was her age? When I was her age, why did see myself as someone talented and beautiful?

As the years pass, are we constantly passing up truly seeing who we are? Should we ask ourselves; Are we the beasts to our beauty?

I believe that we never really see how absolutely amazing we really are. As time passes, we look back and say; “Wow I was pretty good!”, or “I nailed that job” but we never really appreciate the most recent version of ourselves. Why can we choose to be loving and caring to others but place ourselves last on the list of most loved?

I do believe we can grow to love ourselves through Christ. Through meditation, prayer and community, we become less of ourselves and more of Him. When we let go of our ego and let God replace who we truly are; only then do we become infinitely beautiful and accepting of who we are.

Today, I challenge you to love someone unconditionally. Commit yourself to completing an act of love for no other reason other than to love. Do this act out of knowing that it is loving and right and not because you will receive anything back. Do it just because.

This love that you give will come back to you – through and in your DNA. It will support the very nature of who and what you were made of; pure love.

With all my love,

Marcy Moore – AKA the Catholic Carrie Bradshaw



  1. Marcy, I think when we are caught up in the moment , we forget who is in charge. We sometimes understand our past when we look back thru our children.

  2. I fight this all the time,seeing the worth of the present me, but at the same time convince my daughter to enjoy fully who she is right now.
    Thank you for the beautiful reminder of the ‘now’:)

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