The Lies We Tell Our Children

sky1From the time our children are born, as parents, we tell our children little lies. We tell them that everything will be ok. From scrapes on their knees to a bloody nose and broken bones to a broken heart. We tell them it will mend, time will heal, and everything one day will return to normalcy. We tell them that is for the best, that they will learn and grow from this situation.

But sometimes this is just not true. Sometimes, they never learn, they don’t grow but just dive deeper into more mistakes. Sometimes children get sick, and never recover. Our children struggle, break their hearts and break the hearts of their loved ones. So what do we tell our children? Do we fill them with high hopes, or tell them harsh truth? Is filling them with hope setting them up for false expectations or are we just spooling out our hopeless optimism? It is our fear that we are scared to the bottom of our hearts that everything may not be alright.

Maybe there is a balance. Maybe we give love in that truth and toughness. As we become real to ourselves and to our children, maybe we rip the band aid off and then lovingly kiss the pain away.  I know this is labeled tough love and it is supposed to be for their own good, so I ask, why does it hurt so much? Why do w desire to give our children far more than we have experienced, and yet we are fearful when they do? If we want to give our children everything, then why not the pain too?

From babies to adulthood, when do we completely let go and allow them to fly? Why do we feel that we have to control the amount of pain that we have tried to save them from? 

I have always told my children that their glass is half full. I’m the eternal optimist that sees their beauty, their promise and their future. I don’t know if it is my deep fears or our highest hopes, but I believe I  would tell my children anything if it would make them well or re-establish their equilibrium for living their lives to the fullest. I think that hope is eternal. I believe that resurrection is very real and that we have the ability to rise to the next level of who and what we want to be. I believe that change and transformation is real. That love is very real….and that we have the power to unleash all power through love and Christ’s love.

So do I honestly not want to be honest? As I think about all of this, I think about Mary, my Lord’s mother. I think about what she would do and what she said to Christ as he fell carrying his cross. I think about unspeakable parental pain and all I’ve got is that she turned to her Father in heaven. For answers, for wisdom, for an exchange of conversation and maybe some yelling, of why is this happening.

On this note, not much has changed. We still agonize over our children’s decisions, over their “I got this handled” conversation when you know they don’t, and the conversations with our God as to why this is happening in this juncture, in their lives and in ours.

My God, my God, Why have you forsaken me? Matt:27:46

I pray on this day that all of you turn to God for your answers. In the still of the night, I pray that you ask, pray, and believe that everything will be alright. Love and light on this day and the day after.

Peace be with you.

Marcy Moore, M.P.S.

Still Water Runs Deep

sky3It was a strange summer. In January of last year, I began a journey to become a chaplain. After completing an accelerated unit of Chaplain Pastoral Education and facilitating a new women’s group series with an amazing friend and co-facilitator, I realized that 6 months had passed by at an alarming rate. I had been living moment to moment immersed in the care and thoughts of others. I was excited and exhilarated at all of the occurrences but in retrospect, there was little time to think about processing the events of my life and what happened during this rewarding and yet very busy time.

After deep reflection, I believe that I had been afraid to process what I had seen and experienced. In this short period of time, all of the experiences had been so profound and handed to me from God’s provincial care and grace to experience that I believe I had become supersaturated. So saturated that I could not process what I was feeling. I also believe that there may have been too many gifts given for me to receive. I don’t think that I can comprehend them all. The only analogy I can give to you is someone who has recieved too many gifts on Christmas that they feel they do not deserve.

I can still see the people’s faces that I meet at the hospital during my shifts and all of the beautiful women in the groups. It wasn’t until I stopped all of the activity that I started to process. It wasn’t until all of the activity came to a standstill, that I began to realize that I needed to think about each situation, each face, each tender life….

I believe that God sent me on this journey. It will never be the same. The experiences of last summer are a part of my very being. I have touched each person and they have touched me. It is profound and I realize that it has taken me a very long time to write about this and share this experience of the tapestry of my life. I do not think I was ready to feel all of the emotions, the death, the healing, the very realness of every single person’s experience until this very moment. I think I conned myself into believing that I understood the depth of the moments, but I do not fully yet…..

I asked to be closer to God and God granted me this wish. When all is said and done though, if I do not take on the responsibility of processing the experience, what do I have? Moments of other people’s experiences? What does it mean for me? How can I build upon what I have learned, if I do not own the experience? If I do not own the processes, I believe I am caught in an endless loop of just doing and not actualizing who I am as a full person connected with spirit.

I do not believe there is a class or spiritual reading on how to become actualized. As humans, I think we do and do and do….we get up in the morning and maybe think we have processed what has happened the day before. Life passes very quickly. Why is it that hours seem to drag and years fly by? Maybe it is because we pass by the moments that truly mean something with moments that have no true meaning……

In this New Year…..I deeply encourage you to pray for God to show you the “BIG” moments. The moments that can change us and allow us to grow in a deep and engaging manner. I invite the breath of Christ to shock your soul into understanding what is truth, what is really good and what is life at its best. I pray that you are urged to feel every real moment that stimulates you into being the very best you can be.

Reflect with your own thoughts… God’s direction in all that you do…listen and you will hear the sigh of angels……and the love of your own heart sing….

I wish you peace, hope and most of all love in this New Year.

Marcy Moore, M.P.S.


Love Your Wings

butterfly 1I was at Yoga the other day and the instructor shared a story about a person who helped a butterfly get out of their cocoon. The instructor explained that the person cut a tiny hole into the cocoon so that the potential butterfly could get out. The butterfly did escape with the help of the man made hole but fell to the ground because its wings were not ready to be airborne. The butterfly fell and died….

It turns out the butterfly needed to fight its way out of the cocoon to survive. Fighting would have enabled the insect to come into its full being.

The butterfly did not need the person’s help to exist, it needed its own perfect timing to live.

I think that during different times in our lives we become the “struggling” butterfly and at different times we are the “hole maker”.  In my mind, neither character is bad nor wrong, we are both just on our own path of enlightenment  Both characters are on a journey of growth and self awareness – even the butterfly who falls to the ground and dies.

We become the enabler when we make a “hole” for someone to survive. The only problem is sometimes we cut the life force from someone when we think our actions are from love. I think that in most cases, our actions are from fear and not love. I believe that loving actions are actions that allow people to grow. Loving actions are actions that allow people to prosper and to Fly…….

I invite you to Fly into the arms of others, to strengthen the people who truly need support.
I invite you to support the growth of others without inhibiting your own….
I invite you to love fiercely every day and to understand and discern the difference between enabling and genuine care and compassion.

Christ’s actions were filled with strength and true compassion. In Matthew 14:22-33, He asked Peter to walk to Him. With faith, Peter stood on the water, for a brief time. Peter then started to sink under the strain of the lack of faith. Peter, in his humanity, went into the depths of his fears. The wind was too strong, the waves were too big. His faith was too fleeting.

When you are faced today or tomorrow with the challenge to choose love over darkness, faith over fear, please remember that your God is bigger than any storm, any challenge. He is here in others, present in this very moment. Choose love, choose peace and most all, choose your God.


Marcy Moore – M.P.S




Resurrection Anyone?

Whovil tressI had coffee with a dear friend last week. We have been having this once a month “coffee” for about 4 years and I prefer to call it an hour of introspection. I have watched my friend grow out of bounds with self love, introspection, and acceptance.

As we sat there talking, I realized that I had been privileged to witness a metamorphosis. I met (let’s call him Tom for this blog) Tom at the beginning of our Master’s degree program. He was loving, lively, and quite good looking. As I got to know him better, I found out he was a native Arizonian (quite unusual). He had grown up around Phoenix and had sprouted his roots physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially throughout the valley.

Tom had gone to Brophy College Preparatory and graduated from a local college. Over the years, he became a husband, father, and a successful business man. He was everything to everyone but himself. He was beginning to question his existence. Tom was entering into the most crucifying year of his life.

Through the year, I listened, prayed, and watched as Tom suffered. He tried to desperately change who he was. He was trying to be a person who he thought God wanted him to be. Tom did not think deep down that he was a person God wanted, liked, or even redeemed.

As the year went by, Tom kept looking for approval of who he was. Who he was intrinsically. God gave him the qualities he had, why wasn’t he owning them?

Why don’t we love ourselves and treat who we truly are as gifts from God?

One day Tom started to change. At first the change started on a physical level. He went to a trainer and lost a substantial amount of weight. Then, he moved onto the spiritual level. He spent a weekend on a retreat and came out with a few “Ah-Ha’s”. The real change though, came with time and within the reflective period he spent in meditation and prayer. I do not know to this day if he is in complete acknowledgment of the new person he has become but the change was evident physically, mentally, and spiritually.

He was resurrected. Christ did this and the Good News is: because Christ came back to life, we can too everyday. Everyday we have a chance to resurrect. Each day we have a brand new start to heal our body, our mind, and our soul. Every cell within us has the potential to be strong, vibrant and whole.

Everyday we can get up and say, “Thank you!” for giving your life so that we can live. His life essence is in every breath we take. It is in our blood, body, and soul.

This week, I invite you to resurrect. Resurrect because you can. Change the way you eat, think, workout, and LIVE. Enjoy today and love the life you have been given. Your life is so precious and you can make a difference. Make that difference and begin with yourself….

I deep love and acknowledgment for His Son…

Marcy Moore – M.P.S



Prepare Your Heart

snowAdvent is a wonderful time of year. For me, it is the time when I prepare my heart for visitations with Christ. I want to be open and have time to receive the Christ child into my mind and spirit. Every year brings about different experiences, new feelings, and emotions. Hopefully, this season also brings about some personal growth.

Unfortunately, life does not always give us everything we want. Our life does not always unfold in a good direction and circumstances can lead as astray. Most years, God’s grace gives us a wonderful year filled with love and blessings. But some years, life is painful and we feel as though God has left us or that we don’t feel God’s presence.

These years are the hardest to find the infant Christ within our hearts. How do we prepare ourselves when our heart’s are closed? How do we prepare ourselves for God’s reception when we do not want to receive anyone’s love? Not even our own self love? How do we make room for a new creation? How do we give birth to a new self?

I think God is waiting for us to open our hearts. God is ever present just waiting for us to show a sign that He exists….

If we ponder the thought about a new child coming into the world, into our families, into our loved ones lives, we know it is an extraordinary event. A birth is an event that will change our very existence. So, what if the child being born was us? What if that child was being reborn in us?

What opportunities for newness would we have if we knew the possibility was available to be reborn? Is there something in us that is trying to be birthed? If we had a second chance for living our life, how would we live it? Looking back, I think I would be less afraid and I would want to embrace all of the events of my life, regardless of whether they were deemed good or bad.

Many times we look at life’s misfortunes as event’s that should not have happened, but what if they took place so that we could have an opportunity to grow and get closer to our creator? What if God is just waiting to hear from us? What if life’s misfortunes are events that bring us closer to God and to our true selves?

I believe God is just waiting for us to love ourselves and one another. I think in order to heal ourselves, we need to reach out and embrace the tender and childlike nature that is within all of us.  I believe Advent increases the propensity for the probability of this to happen.

This season, I invite you to embrace and love the child within. Joyously proclaim the goodness of God to one another and all that is radiant and true. I encourage  you to welcome the Christ child that is waiting to be born inside of you and celebrate all of the parts of the your life and yourself, whether it is labeled good or bad.

The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you..
Luke 1:10

I think Advent is a sign for you to love, be peaceful, and be encouraging to others. Listen with your heart to what others are saying. Be present to yourself and the ones that mean something to you this season. As always, I wish you infinite possibilities to grow, be the best you can possibly be in this life, and share your gifts with others.

Merry Christmas….

With Much Love,

Marcy Moore



God Really Does Know What We Need…

spaceLast Saturday was my first day back at yoga since I received the information that my  ACl was torn. I had been in a lot of pain and sore before the doctor administered a shot of steroid in my knee. After almost a week had passed, the pain had gone but my fear had not. I was scared the pain would come back after my yoga class or worse during it. I was scared I would not be able to walk. I was scared of things I did not know how to express.

It is interesting that yoga is good for releasing the emotions you don’t even know you need to express. Many times during or after class I don’t realize that I am holding back or stuffing my feelings from the past. Hot yoga helps you to let go of the everyday and be present. It allows you to be truly present so you can get through the heat, the positions, and the 90 minute class. It is a tough class even when you are feeling good and 100% physically well.

I laid down on my mat that morning and wished desperately that I could get into a comfortable child’s pose. I could not get my knee to stretch properly.  As I began going through the movements, I tried my best to focus, but every few minutes I began to remember the pain and the stiffness. My mind held the muscle memory of what it felt like to be unsure, unbalanced, and to a certain extent not fully whole.

Physicians and clinicians say we have muscle memory- does that include the muscle memory of the brain?
Does our brain remember pain long after it is gone?

As the class came to a close and we were in our last few minutes of stretching right before the final savasana or corpse pose, I started to cry. I could not hold in the emotions any longer. A belt of all the fear broke loose and a gutter of emotions flooded out. As a quietly sobbed and released my energies, I asked God to embrace me and hold me in His arms. At that very moment, my friend who had been on the mat next to me, held my hand.

No words were spoken. As we laid there, not looking at each other and only touching hands, I thought, how can this be happening? How did God hear me and send His love transformed into the person beside me?

How did God answer me so quickly through the manifestation of the touch of another human being? I have to pose the question of: “When we resolve and issue that open up the possibility for healing through others?”

When energy is released does that open up the possibilities of receiving new energy?

I open up the possibly for you to experience this type of healing. I hope that you will be open to receive new healing whether that be physical, mental or spiritual. I also pray that you are there to give this type of healing to others as well as receive it.


Marcy Moore – M.P.S



I Heart You?

flower1The heart is one of the most amazing things that exists in the human body. There is no other organ or anything that has been created, I believe, that can compare to the heart’s physical characteristics and its functionality. Nothing else pumps blood to feed our brain and our organs. Every 24 hours our heart pumps 100,000 times and sends 2000 gallons of blood throughout our bodies. The heart is truly an absolutely amazing organ. Scientists have yet to completely re-create the heart. But if the heart was somehow remade and created through our hands, would we feel the emotions and connectivity that we do in our God given hearts?

How many times have you felt pain in your heart when you have been rejected? We use terms like heart wrenched, heart felt, as well as heart broken and heart breaker. When we are happy and filled with joy, we associate love in our hearts and speak about our heart being filled with joy and emotion. We also seem to feel hate in our hearts, and our hearts can be ripped out with grief.

No one ever says, my liver is aching with fear, or my kidneys are shaking with distrust. The heart is the most complex, multifaceted living organism that we share with each other. The same feelings we feel in our heart, are felt by everyone else. So, how can a physical organ be associated with so many emotions?

Yet, surprising no one ever speaks about this emotional – physical connection within our bodies, let alone our organs. The heart is the only organ that is spoken about as though it had emotions connected to it and yet doctors and the medical profession do not acknowledge that there are levels of possible emotional connectivity within our bodies and our organ and tissue.

There is so much that we do not understand about the complexity of our bodies and ourselves. God made us so endless in life and in death. I invite you to think about all of the wonders of your body to be grateful for. Take this night and maybe this week to think about just one thing that you are absolutely in love with about your physical being and be grateful for it. Maybe this quality is the color of your eyes, your clear skin, your ability to create and or the ability to have faith. I invite you to nourish yourself in the quality of the gift that is uniquely yours.

Life is an everlasting gift that is profoundly beautiful. Whether your faith encompasses eternal life or not, the recognition that “pieces” of what we leave behind are eternal are in itself prolific. I pray that you recognize and live with the majesty that you are created with.

Blessings today and everyday-

Marcy Moore – MPS






Ready or Not, Here Comes God?

butterfly 1Looking back at my life, I have not always gotten what I wanted. Just out of high school, my dreams and aspirations were bent on getting a record contract. I graduated with an Associates degree in music and then went on to recording engineering school, so that I could harness the unique sound of my own music.

After that, I went back to school for my BA in Communications majoring in television production. My career never went in the direction of gaining a record contract, but I did work with some of the most famous musicians and A-listers in the industry when I landed a job as a producer for direct response commercials. I then went on to run my own marketing firm, where I met my husband. Years later, I look back and ponder the question: was this all planned without my planning?

Did God know my future before I did?

Are our lives challenged by what our desires and wants are only to be be pushed, pulled and ultimately diverted to what we are supposed to become and do? I question whether our true gifts lead us to where God is and where our hearts will be the most fulfilled. Are we ultimately puppets on a string dancing around the thought that we actually have free will?

The music industry is filled with temptation. We have all seen the demise of famous people’s lives with drug and alcohol abuse. I honestly do not know if I could have avoided the temptation of falling into the same trap. After much reflection, I am beginning to see that even though I had “plans” for my future, I think God may have been there to lead me to my true direction.

I think it is important for you to look at your life objectively. At times, I think it is important to see our lives lived as a story. This helps us to remove ourselves from our ego and from our wants and desires. Only then can we become released from the outcomes that we think we should become or should be.

I know God has a future for you that is bright and honorable. I believe that He loves you more than you will ever comprehend. Live everyday like that plan is unfolding. I pray that your faith includes the fact that God is leading you to your true destiny. Envision that His path is your path. Practice loving life as though it is the last day in your plan and live your life with joy.

I hope this for you.

With much love and peace,

Marcy Moore – M.P.S.




Is Free Will Not So Free?

space2Free will is confusing. When does God enter into our lives? When does He let us flop and fail by ourselves?  When does the grace of God enter our lives and sweep us up past our problems. Our God seems to allow us to fail, hate, love, cheat, steal, and win during different times of our lives. It is an  introspective time when we feel like our God is right beside us and also when He seems galaxies away.

I was brought up to to believe that God came into our situations and assisted us, when we asked Him to. If we prayed hard enough and said enough Hail Mary’s, our Savior would come and rescue us. If we did not receive what we wanted, it was not what God wanted for us, or wanted to us to become. Somehow, that kind of thinking enables us to believe that the power is not within us but that it is somewhere else, or in another entity.

Mother Theresa wrote about the times in her life when she felt God was ever present in her life. He was so close, she could feel His very breath. Then, at other times, she could not feel Him near her at all. When she did not feel the presence of her God any longer, it must have felt as though the sun had turned dark. How do you go on when the light of your your life has extinguished? I think that those days for Mother Theresa must have been some of the most excruciating times of her life. How lonely she must have felt once once she stopped being in the “zone” of Christ’s love.

I believe that we have all had times in our life when we feel loveless, alone, and Godless. I think we must all pose the question of whether this emptiness is created by us or the lack of our relationship with God?

Do we stop feeling God’s love because we chose to?  Do we suffer because we are hopelessly disconnected and hopelessly independent?

I believe that the story of the Garden of Eden is about the scenario of us as a people not needing God. We think that we are so powerful that we do not need the person force that created us. This leads me to make the connection that we not only need out creator, but we need the very entity that the creator is in; each other. I believe that we are nothing without each other and without God leading our journey through life.

I believe that free will is not free. Our free will costs us to make choices that effect others. Our words and actions are strong examples of how our misuse of free will can ruin us or bring us back to live. I believe if we live through our ego instead of through our love, then  we will live the life of our ego. We will be subject to our physical and emotional selves, instead of feeling he true majesty of what we are made of; the substance of God.

This world is noisy. I think we all have, at times, had a hard time discerning what to do with our lives and who to do it with. If we do not make time to hear our own voice, how are we to hear the voice  of God?  I encourage you to not give up on yourself. Your voice is real and precious.

I challenge and encourage you to set aside 20 minutes out of your day to quite your mind. If you do this, I can guarantee you will hear the voice of guidance. I can assure you, God’s voice is in your being just waiting to be heard by your mind, body and spirit. I wish you love, peace, and the encouragement to become the very best you can today.

Peace and truth,

Marcy Moore, M.P.S.


DNA Delivers Every Time

space2I spent my teenage years and early 20’s singing and writing music. Yes, I was a singer in a rock n roll band! As time went on, I shifted careers and placed my music career on hold, but I never stopped loving music. Today, my passion for listening and discovering new music has not changed. I am still committed to singing my heart out in the car or when listening to the radio.

It is not unusual for my daughter and I to be together singing our hearts out as well. We both share a passion for good music. She has just turned 21 and I am excited for her future. Last Friday night, we went out and she was playing me some of her favorite songs. She picked out a new Micheal Buble’ song and belted out the entire song.

I sat in utter amazement as I watched her perform the song. She has this uncanny way of tilting her head and smiling as she sings. She is quite beautiful and sings (in my mind) perfectly. It was total enchantment. As I watched her, it was like looking into a time machine where I could see myself back at 21 years of age. What a gift. As I looked at my beautiful daughter I could not help but think: Why did not appreciate myself when I was her age? When I was her age, why did see myself as someone talented and beautiful?

As the years pass, are we constantly passing up truly seeing who we are? Should we ask ourselves; Are we the beasts to our beauty?

I believe that we never really see how absolutely amazing we really are. As time passes, we look back and say; “Wow I was pretty good!”, or “I nailed that job” but we never really appreciate the most recent version of ourselves. Why can we choose to be loving and caring to others but place ourselves last on the list of most loved?

I do believe we can grow to love ourselves through Christ. Through meditation, prayer and community, we become less of ourselves and more of Him. When we let go of our ego and let God replace who we truly are; only then do we become infinitely beautiful and accepting of who we are.

Today, I challenge you to love someone unconditionally. Commit yourself to completing an act of love for no other reason other than to love. Do this act out of knowing that it is loving and right and not because you will receive anything back. Do it just because.

This love that you give will come back to you – through and in your DNA. It will support the very nature of who and what you were made of; pure love.

With all my love,

Marcy Moore – AKA the Catholic Carrie Bradshaw