The Privilege of Touch

spaceAs I rolled down my mat to practice yoga, I realized that I had positioned myself next to a familiar face. For the 2nd time, I found myself next to a person with wonderfully playful energy. Since it was a popular class and instructor, the class was very crowded and we were nestled only inches from one another. During the many asanas, there were times that we unintentionally touched the other participants.

It was very hot in the room that morning and living in Arizona, one would think that I would be used to it. This morning though, combating the heat was particularly challenging and I found my mind struggling to focus. At that moment, I gazed into the mirror and found my friend sending me back an encouraging smile. This playfulness stirred me back into a position of strength and allowed me to laugh at myself and my own mental state.

From that point forward, I was completely attuned to any encounter of touch. No words were said, but I knew that we had made a connection of energy that was beneficial to the both of us. It was then that I realized the privilege of this connection and how special touching each others lives truly is. From that point forward, I realized that we are so privileged to feel the touch of another human being. The power that emerges from a touch whether that be positive or negative, I believe can change the course of a person’s life.

What if the power of our human touch is more powerful than we know?

To underestimate the power that God has placed within us, I believe is the the true meaning of sin. If we are truly made in the image of God, then the beauty and greatness of God is ever present within us. Our job is to harness and utilize that power for the goodness of humanity. Touching and receiving a touch from another human being is life giving, essential to our well-being and yet completely magical.

I invite you to touch the heart and life of someone this week. I encourage you to observe the influence you have over the power of your touch and I ask that you feel and observe the effect of someone’s touch on you.  I believe that we all have the power to heal, change, and influence people’s lives. I pray that the brilliance of God shines through you and lights up someone’s world. I also pray that your feel and experience this power from someone else.


Marcy Moore




The Magic That Binds

imagesRecently, I met with a friend that I have not seen in 20 years. We graduated high school together but I still did not know what to expect after all of these years. I thought about who he had become and what his life was about now.

He was my bass player in my first band; and for me, a giant. Not only did he display a mastery of music at an early age, but he was my first high school infatuation. He was not the kind of crush you told people about because for me, there was a deep connection. You don’t spout real feelings in high school.

Gratefully, there was an incredible amount of energy and love exchanged between us.  There was so much anticipation about catching up with each others lives. We jumped from decade to decade and then back to the present in a blink of an eye, communicating with each other on a level that I had not expected nor experienced in a while. Our meeting epitomized the reason for high school reunions.

Each of our stories wove back and forth intersecting different periods of our lives and creating a tapestry that neither of us knew about. For a time, we were living our lives separately but completely connected through others. We did not know that our lives were tied together through different events in this unseen web of events and circumstance.

The meeting spurred me to examine my life and look deeply into my past. How had the paths I had chosen changed my life? What was the price for taking these avenues? Was I the person I had hoped to become? Life often sways us in many different directions and changes who we are as a person. I can’t help but think if we should we examine whether or not the branches we have grown are suitable for the structure of the tree?

We look for people to spend the rest of our lives with but shouldn’t we be asking ourselves if we are the type of person we would want to be with?

In Leadership and the New Science, Margaret Wheatley helps us to add another dimension to our thinking as well by suggesting that who we are depends are who we meet.

“Traditional organization charts are filled with lines connecting well-bounded boxes. It would be a breakthrough to think of these lines as reaction channels, places where energy meets up with other energy to create new possibilities. But S-matrices stretch my thinking even more because they demand that I stop thinking of roles or people as fixed entities. They lead me into the world of “no-thinks,” where who you are depends on who you meet “(Wheatley, 71).

I believe I would not be the person I am today if I had not met my friend. Circumstances lead us together and it created change in our lives.  It is an amazing process to think that every person we meet defines who we are and leads us into becoming a new being. I deeply know that connectivity is what makes a relationship powerful, collaborative, and loving. I think this element along with perfect timing can only be explained through the divine.

Looking back at my relationship with my lifelong friend, I know that God wove our special friendship through time so that we would be a testament to magic and fate. Our unique story could not have been told without the majesty of two different clothes woven together.

I offer to you the gift of hope, faith, and love. I deeply sow the seeds of magic for your life; to commit to the understanding that something greater holds you to goodness, and the absolute sweetness of destiny. I pray that you look the the meaning in your life and that each day holds a lesson, a questioning, and a yearning for the truth.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jer. 29:11).

Deep peace and love within your life,

Marcy Moore M.P.S.

Are We Ready for What We Wish For?

Graduation1Hoping and wishing for what we want in life can be a tricky business. I think when we hope and dream about out heart’s desire, we often become frustrated if we do not achieve our goals immediately. Too often I think we doubt our original plans and subsequently we feel lost.

Strong aspirations for the future are important. They push us and drive us with a fiery burning and yet sometimes we find ourselves burnt out by the very flame that propels us. Too little energy and we may not have enough momentum to churn through the difficulties. So what is the balance? For all the souls who burn with an incessant fire of desire, what do we do?

Do we burn out or fade away?

Recently, I had an amazing experience of being tested by the waters of experience. I have been doing the rosary at St. Joseph’s Hospital for ten years and yet was nervous  when asked to lead unexpectedly for the service of  Rev. Kennith Walker. Present were  priests, nuns, and fellow associates of St. Joseph’s Hospital. As I got up to preside, I realized that the greatness of this moment was to be given up to Christ. It was not me presiding, but rather the spirit of consolation for all present in the room.

Over the years of leading the rosary, I have always wanted a “packed house” so to speak. I have always secretly coveted the deacons and their positions. To speak about the word of God in an accepted and anointed fashion is what my heart has craved and yearned for. So when given the chance, I had to examine and ask, “Why was I terrified”?

I believe fear is overcome through confidence and confidence is gained by being comfortable with who we are as people. In my own life, I know that prayer and meditation are some of the keys that have helped me to reach different levels of comfort. I also believe that we will not believe we are worthy to receive all of the greatness that God has in store for us, if we do not believe in ourselves. The love that Christ has for us, starts with us. I know deeply that I must love myself  before I can love someone else. There will be many that object to this philosophy, but I know deep inside that I am wounded. Without the love of Christ to heal me, I am lost. So to know God, I must first know myself. Once I gain acceptance of myself then I will accept the love of others.

This week, I ask that you spend time in prayer and mediation. Select a piece of scripture that speaks to you and read it three times. As you pray and meditate upon the piece, ask God to show you how He is speaking to you through the piece. There may be a word or phrase that stands out in particular. This practice called Lectio Divina  is very effective for helping us to be open to receiving the graces that God has in store for us. I know that God has a great future for you. You just need to believe it.

I pray that you are inspired by yourself this week.

In great love,

Marcy Moore – AKA the Catholic Carrie Bradshaw
















The Power of God Lives Within Us

snow2Last week I met a good friend for dinner who had been recovering from Bell’s Palsy. We enjoyed a meal together and discussed how until something goes wrong with our bodies, we can’t fully understand the power that is within them. Undeniably, there is an electrical current that purges through us. (Whether this current is connected to the life breath of our soul is up for discussion. Some more discussion to come!) This electrical current connects our brain with our motor skills, our reasoning, and I believe our thinking. Virtually everything we can or can’t do has got to do with whether our bodies are neurologically functioning properly.

During our dinner, my friend talked about how she went through the process of her face drooping and how her smile was still crooked even after weeks had passed. She literally taped her cheek up so she could blink. She mentioned that this was a powerful experience that helped her to better understand the force that exists within her body. It also helped her to better understand the relationship with her own image as a young woman and what her physical appearance meant to her as a person.

This experience petitioned me to ask myself, are we distorted by our own image and the image of others?

I think asking ourselves this question is important because I believe our image of others and of ourselves is distorted. I think our brains distort what we think is correct or right and we pass this on to others.We may see a person who is not appealing to us, and we judge them because something in our brains say, “I don’t like this image.” On the other hand, an image of someone we love can we swayed because we love them.

I do not think we can completely understand the power that God has placed within our bodies but I do believe that when we are aligned physically, spiritually and mentally  healing can take place. I also believe that the power that God built within us is to be used for our own healing and the healing of others.

This week, I pray that all of us will see people for who they really are. I pray that we see their essence and the beauty that is truly within. We are all truly magnificent and the manifestation of God.

who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body (Phil 3:21).

I believe that anything is possible through God.

Peace to you this week.

Marcy (A.K.A. the Catholic Carie Bradshaw)

Et Tu Marcy?

After I came home froGraduation1m my graduation in New Orleans, it took several days to absorb the experience and I needed to decompress. There were moments of pure elation and moments of unrest. There were even moments of fear. I was not afraid of the flight, nor the ceremony. I was just apprehensive of the unknown.

So many times I worry about the future. In most cases I have to say, I do not even put a “face” to the fear or what I think will happen. There is just a blanket of unrest that has the potential of ruining the moment. This dark space has a high percentage of not even transforming and yet I give it power. The power to become something or absolutely nothing.

Why do we give up our power so easily and feed into the grand mistake of playing small? Why is it hard to own the inheritance of our greatness? In Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord tells us He knows the plans he has for us. Plans for our welfare, and not for our woe. Plans to give us a future full of hope. When you call me I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me (Jer. 29:12).

With this kind of promise, why are we not in a constant state of joy and confidence that our future is eternally bright? With our God by our side, every day of our lives should be filled with hope and love. Yet our humanness brings us worry and fear. The darkness of the unknown brings us unrest. In a world filled with so much uncertain, at times it is difficult to find peace, strength, and the light to help us find a way out of this darkness.

Prayer and meditation helps bring me strength, but the most nourishment comes from my family and friends. I can count on the light that is found in my friend’s voices and in my family’s eyes. There being echos the spirit of God that is present within them. In turn this provides encouragement and carries me to move on to the next challenge.

I thank each and every one of my friends and family for sharing my journey of light and darkness. Thank you all for being part of my life long journey of learning. The ownership of greatness is shared with each and every one of you.  You are mine and I am yours.  I look forward to sharing the next adventure with all of you.

In God’s Light,

Marcy (A.K.A the Catholic Carrie Bradshaw)



Connection Anyone?

sky1During my Tuesday night yoga ritual at Sumits, I began thinking about the connections we have with people. What makes us instantly attracted to someone or in the same breath, dislike a person? Why do we grind our teeth at the sight of a stranger and yet glow bashfully at someone we just meet who lights some sort of a fire within us?

Is this connection or disconnection with someone effected by our moods, or is it deeper than that? Do we react to a person’s energy or is it our energy that attracts to others? Everyone from psychologists to new age thinkers say opposites attract. But do they?

Through my studies, I am beginning to suspect that the connection between like and dislike is more molecular, cellular even. Could the connections that we experience  between us be the very response of our neurons, protons and yes, electrons? (All of you scientific minded thinkers out there should definitely chime in on this conversation.)

In Margaret Wheatley’s book; Leadership and the New Science, she discusses how particles come into being as intermediate states in a network of interactions. She goes on to say that the energy of any particle can combine with other energy sources to create new particles (Wheatley, 70).

If this is true, then are these new particle conversions responsible for our reactions and or responses? This is a reach; but does it explain why we encounter such strong emotions from people who pass by us in life?

As we continue out Lenten journey this week, let us be mindful of our reactions and how they may affect others. I invite you to place yourselves in the holy mindfulness of Christ’s presence. Relax and know that the divinity of Christ lives in our cells. Let us breath in the peace that is His very breath and allow ourselves to be still in the presence of His grace.


Marcy Moore

The Balance Between Good and Evil

flower1At one time or another in our lives we all question why bad things happen in the world. Through my theological studies, this subject has been brought up again and again. Why did this child have to get ill? Why do our loved ones have to suffer? Why do we feel so much pain in our hearts when someone hurts us?

I was at Sumits Yoga today and I began to get emotional thinking about the very question of why is life is so hard. At that very moment, the instructor touched my feet and gently rubbed them. This loving, tender, and compassionate act instantly gave me clarity on the subject. What if God gives us pain, so that we may provide comfort, empathy, and choose to deeply love one another? As humans, would we really reach out and touch one another if we did not feel pain? Are we “hard wired” for compassion?

Does the pain we feel as humans bind us together? Does it make us reach out and want to help, touch, and heal?

I recently lost a nephew. Trent was a strong, big man that had a huge capacity for love. He reached out to those in need and made a lot of people feel special. The pain of his death brought our family even closer. At his service, I witnessed so much empathy and a great deal of tenderness. As a family we love a little bit more now. We look into others eyes a little longer each day. The sacrifice of his life gave us the capacity to be more compassionate, to be more giving, and love each other more.

If bad things never happened, would we become sterile to our own feelings and to others feelings? It is evident that we did not flourish in the garden that God made us. is our human nature crave the balance of good and evil?

I invite you to close the gap and love even when you do not witness sadness. I invite you to reach out and bring your goodness before it is needed or requested. Maybe God will see this as a sign that we are changing our hearts. Maybe these acts will remove one bad thing from happening today to someone we do not even know. Maybe our acts will stir movement across the universe to balance out good and evil within the world.

My peace and love to you all,

For God loved the world so, He gave his only begotten son (John 3:16).



How Do I Love Thee?

I was speaking to a very dear friend last week, when I realized that she was struggling with loving herself. This encounter got me to think about “how do we love ourselves”? What does loving ourselves look and feel like?  Is it a learned action? Do we figure out how to care deeply for ourselves at an early agesky1 years or do we model it from our parents and our role models?

Do we as women spend more time, thinking and caring for others, rather than caring for ourselves? I’m sure there are plenty of men who may share in this reality of not loving oneself, but I think woman hold the majority of the upper hand in this situation. I believe that strong, well lived happy lives and relationships are lived from truly loving ourselves. I have found out through my own experiences that we cannot love anyone else until we begin to love ourselves.

As we look into the mirror of our own selves, we will see an image of ourselves reflected in others actions and deeds. As we improve our self-love, we gain patience, love, and peace within our own hearts for one another.

I encourage you to be kinder, more tolerant and accepting of yourself. This will help you to do the same for others when the situation arises. Christ knew who he was as a person and he knew who is father was. This same reflection is present in all of us. I believe we have the capability of experiencing the greatness that Christ did to others in our actions and our words. I invite you to be the face of Christ today and every day for others and yourself.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him (John 3:1).

What Does the Dog Say?

flower1I was preparing to walk up Central Avenue this past Sunday morning and as I got out of my Jeep, there were two wonderful Labrador Retrievers just begging to get a pet and smell the remnants of my dogs on my clothes that morning. As they strained to greet me, I turned to acknowledge them with a gleeful “Hi, how are you guys!” Their master pulled back on their collars very tightly and as he steered them away from me, I said to him, “It’s OK, they just want to say hello!”

With that the dog owner; never looking back retorted, “They can’t talk”. After composing myself, I realized that this encounter allowed me to think about how nature and all of the God’s creations do “talk” to one another.

On the surface, we as humans speak to one another with words, but how we communicate in our actions, our facial expressions, our energy, and how we move, tells us so much more. The dancing light in our eyes when we flirt and tease or the redness of our blushed cheeks when we are shy or caught in the middle of a lie tells other and ourselves our truth. We speak to one another and God’s creation with much more than words. I do not believe we have even scratched the surface of what is behind the depth of our emotions, actions, and our motivations.

Upon mediation of our current lives, I do think that we have gotten good at burying our truth. As humans, I think we hide behind our computers, our bank accounts, and our jobs. When I think about those beautiful dogs, I think about how they wanted to meet me; they whined, reached, and yearned to experience.  If they had not been on a leash, they would have run to me. More than likely these dogs would have been jumping and gleeful speaking to me with their hearts and their unconditional love. If you are an animal lover, I’m sure that you have experienced your animal’s expressive emotions for you and your family members. Dogs are great examples of God’s creatures who show who they are freely.

I want to pose the question of : “Have we gotten so involved in texting, using Instagram, and using other forms of modern technology that we have forgotten how to really communicate and “talk” to one another?” Can we talk to each other anymore?

This week, I invite you to engage with someone and truly listen to them.  I hope that you take the time to share your thoughts and communicate with one another to create a new level of energy and unity. As you engage; watch the person’s expressions, feel their actions and think about their voice and what they are truly saying. As we partake on yet another year, I challenge and invite you to speak with a voice of love.  You may be surprised and enlightened by what happens and how your relationships changes. I wish you all the very best in this life, and I have high hopes for your interactions and displays of love for one another.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer (Psalm 19:14).


The Journey

imagesOver the last 10 years I’ve been searching for something to fill “The Void.” Even though; I am fulfilled as a mother of two wonderful children, a wife with a loving husband, and a business owner, I felt a void in my heart that ached. This ache, which I really cannot fully name, worsened over the years. I ran around being busy with my life, completing what seemed to be just an endless stream of tasks. Some of these tasks were meaningful and some not. Reflecting upon my life, I began to ask questions: “What will people remember me for? What will my children think of me when I am gone? Will I leave a mark on others? Will I make a difference in the world?”

Life seemed meaningless unless it was being examined, but how should I do this and by what method? Over the years as a young woman I have searched spiritually for an answer to  why I did not feel satisfied in my heart, my soul. I’ve gone to sweat lodges, temples, yoga retreats, meditation celebrations, and many different non-denominational churches, all to still feel that something was still lacking. I thought I knew who my God was, but I had not really developed a relationship with Christ.

The statement, “God works in mysterious ways,” came true when my daughter (she was only 10 years old at the time), signed me up to go to a Legion of Mary meeting. I didn’t even know a group like this existed. I had no idea, (even as a crib Catholic) what they did! This was the beginning of the end of my old life as I knew it. From this point forward, I have been on a wonderful ride of self-exploration and reflection.

I still am in the Legion of Mary and for 10 years have been a Eucharistic minister for St. Joseph’s Hospital and a rosary leader. Every Friday and Sunday I lead a rosary with the sick of the hospital, and their friends and family members. At times there are staff members from the hospital who participate and other members from the community. I never know who I will meet or who will pray with me, but it is an extremely rewarding ministry that has led me to become more and more involved with my faith and the people I love. My relationships have blossomed and the “ache” has been lessened.

I graduated from the Kino Institute, here in Phoenix, and then went on to get my Master’s degree in Pastoral studies from Loyola University New Orleans. My relationship with Christ has grown along with my relationship with others within my community and family. My life now has purpose, direction, and a flame of desire and love for others and God. I realize that we cannot achieve our hearts desire without the help of our community and our loved ones. When lived with purpose, reflection, and love our lives become so wonderful and joyful. I realize the grace that is abundant in my life.

As time went on, I have developed a passion for speaking to women about what is written on their hearts. I know deep inside that many women today are struggling with their faith, their purpose, and a true direction in their lives. I believe that society in general does not support self-love and I feel a deep need to address this. The true reason I started  was to engage women with discussion on spiritual topics, provide them an avenue to express new thoughts and ideas, and to help them work through issues of guilt, prejudices, and non-support of fellow humans, especially other women.

I hope you enjoy the topics that I will be presenting and I do hope very much that you express your ideas and thoughts so that others may become more enlightened by your point of view and insight. I want nothing more than for all women to feel the freedom that I now feel because of the love I have for Christ in my heart.

Yours in Love,

Marcy Moore, M.P. S.