The Journey

butterfly 2Over the last 10 years I’ve been searching for something to fill “The Void”. Even though; I am fulfilled as a mother of two wonderful children, a wife with a loving husband, and a business owner, I felt a void in my heart that ached. This ache; which I really cannot fully name, worsened over the years. I ran around being busy with my life, completing what seemed to be just an endless stream of tasks. Some of these tasks were meaningful and some not. Reflecting upon my life, I began to ask the question: “What will people remember me for? What will my children think of me when I am gone? Will I leave a mark on others? Will I make a difference in the world?”

Life seemed meaningless unless it was being examined, but how should I do this and by what method? Over the years as a young woman I have searched spiritually for an answer to  why I did not feel satisfied in my heart, my soul. I’ve went to sweat lodges, temples, yoga retreats, meditation celebrations, and many different non-denominational churches, all to still feel that something was still lacking. I thought I knew who my God was, but I had not really developed a relationship with Christ.

The statement; God works in mysterious ways came true when my daughter (she was only 10 years old at the time), signed me up to go to a Legion of Mary meeting. I didn’t even know a group like this existed. I had no idea, (even as a crib catholic) what they did! This was the beginning of the end of my old life as I knew it. From this point forward, I have been on a wonderful ride of self-exploration and reflection.

I still am in the Legion of Mary and for 10 years have been a Eucharistic minister for St. Joseph’s Hospital and a rosary leader. Every Friday and Sunday I lead a rosary with the sick of the hospital, and their friends and family members. At times there are staff members from the hospital who participate and other members from the community. I never know who I will meet or who will pray with me, but it is an extremely rewarding ministry that has lead me to become more and more involved with my faith and the people I love. My relationships have blossomed and the “ache” has been lessened.

I graduated from the Kino Institute, here in Phoenix, and then went on to get my Master’s Degree in Pastoral studies from Loyola University New Orleans. I now truly feeling fulfilled because I have gained a deep sense of Christ in my life. My life now has purpose, direction and a flame of desire and love for others and God. I realize that we cannot achieve our hearts desire without the help of our community and our loved ones. When lived with purpose, reflection, and love our lives become so wonderful and joyful. I realize the grace that is abundant in my life.

As time went on a developed a passion for speaking to women about what was written on their hearts. I know deep inside that many women today are struggling with their faith, their purpose, direction and their lives. I believe that society in general does not support self-love and I feel a deep need to address this. The true reason I started  was to engage women with discussion on spiritual topics, provide them an avenue to express new thoughts and ideas, and to work through issues of guilt, loathing, prejudges, and non-support of fellow humans; especially other women.

I hope you enjoy the topics that I will be presenting and I do hope very much that you express your ideas and thoughts on this blog so that others may become more enlightened by your point of view and insight. I want nothing more than for all women to feel the freedom that I now feel because of the love I have for Christ in my heart.

Yours in Love,

Marcy Moore, M.P. S.